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How To Change The World

Now, Quickly, Peacefully

The Answer To World Peace
And The Greatest Individual Freedom

Part 1 Additions

(Additions include portions that are not in the Short Version or not fully developed in the Short Version)

What to do now?From that one dayThe next human era
1. Build your food life-cycle locally
    on multiple layers
2. Talk about an empathic world with others
    to get critical mass.
When 16% to 18% of the population or more
have, over time,
"marched" for an empathic world,
it sets the stage
to stop using money all together
on a chosen day or if an event prompts it.
And begin following the 4 steps below.
A universal commonality
without a "world order"
based on self-empathy & empathy
Self-empathy: know, trust self
 and then can have
empathy: understand, trust others,
people, life & earth.

What is here is but one way
of the how-to's
and there may be many
and yet undiscovered ways.

Step 1. Stop using money. All together now.
Action: Talk to people about it.
Do not convince them -- This will entrench them into their own beliefs/misconceptions.
Have them convince themselves -- This can get them to see the different sides from within themselves.
Step 2. Build self-empathy.
Action: A.1. List what you want, what you seek.
2. For each, what feeling are you really chasing?
3. For each, do you expect to achieve it?
4. For each, is it the right thing to want or seek?
B.What is your passion?
What is your purpose in life?
Match your passion and purpose to your wants/what you seek,
or go through A.1-4 to explore what your passion and/or purpose may be.
Step 3. Interconnect with your community.
Action:Coordinate with others, cooperate and collaborate
through self-empathy and empathy
Priority:Grow food close to you at all levels:
in your home, apartment and/or building, yard, garden, neighborhood, community;
collect various organic seeds; get involved with others, so the sooner access to food
is no longer a possible threat, the sooner step 1 will happen.
In any situation, lack of food is the main cause of desperation that can lead to violence.
Action:Use the acronym (BE RADICAL) to remember
when rebuilding and rethinking your community,
even now, before the change.
Priority:Recycle food waste,
by any or all methods that are in sync with nature, low cost and low tech;
convert food waste into soil amendment, mixing with other soil and leaves,
to grow more food.

What enhances and asserts the power of the very many is access to knowledge
and the synergy of the know-how, experiences and wisdom of the very many.
We build and advance on top of the contributions of those today and from the ages.