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How To Change The World

Now, Quickly, Peacefully

An Answer To World Peace
And The Greatest Individual Freedom

By The Very Many of Earth

All of what is here came before from others,
who developed their contributions
from yet others before them.

But stand at a different place.
Take a view from eyes not yours,
from another level you've never been to.
And let go of familiar old patterns
so that the answer is not filtered by them.

When enough of us,
a critical mass of people,
16% to 18% of the population,
stop using money
and any means of exchange,
we stop giving it meaning,
we stop giving power to it.

A chain reaction begins
where the majority then follow.

And then, the very few will no longer have
the ability to pay
to enforce continuing the old ways.

We give our power away
by forcing ourselves and others
to "earn or starve,"
and the very few will take the power
to influence and control us, for more power.

What to do:
Step 1. Stop Using Money, All Together Now
Step 2. Build Self-Empathy
Step 3. Interconnect With Your Community
    (Not continue the old human ways)

  Behavior, can change, adapt, elevate.
    (Not predetermined by genetics, race, class)
  Empathic, to be openly cooperative, collaborative.
    (Not excessive competition)

  Resources are all the common heritage of all life.
    (Not ownership, on which we fight over and war)
  Access to sustenance, knowledge, tools.
    (Not means of exchange, which enslaves us)
  Distributed production of food, energy, devices.
    (Not centralized, through which power is abused)
  In sync with nature
    (Not control over nature)
    (Not isolated)
  Autonomy, individual freedom, leadership over self 
    (Not leadership over others)
  Live and let live
    (Not "earn or starve")

Since the beginning of humanity,
and still today, we have had
constant conflicts, fighting and war,
constant fear of enemies, of others,
constant pressure over competitors
over our due, over our jobs, over what we want,
constant financial struggles,
constant economic and class separation,
and constant stress from everything
that doesn't go our way, threatens our security,
exposes our insecurity by others
who would take advantage and exploit our world
while we feel helpless, at risk and in fear.

The everyday struggles and fear
over money, over job, over wants,
are never-ending:
difficulty paying bills, debt, keeping/getting work,
needs in repairs, medical, and the basics.

The larger scare and insecurity
seem to always loom over us:
of becoming unemployed, losing work/business,
going homeless, becoming poor, going hungry,
being taken advantage of, misused, abused,
and losing our status, privilege and freedom.

And we're too frequently fighting each other
from seemingly benign sports
rioting and vandalizing even when we win,
from wanting to win the littlest argument,
to getting the product we want on sale,
to having to go after and take our share.

The Old Human Ways No Longer Work

Of ownership,
means of exchange,
leadership over others,
& excessive competition.

Personal possessions would continue, but
ownership, especially vast ownership, would end.

Ownership perpetuates inequality.

Ownership instantly fabricates
division and separation,
creating haves versus have-nots
which perpetuates inequality.

Ownership necessitates
a means of exchange.

Ownership of property, land, resources and goods,
necessitate bartering, trading, currency,
money, credit, debt, a means of exchange,
which compels ownership of people and ideas.

Ownership of people is slavery, servitude,
as well as, labor, where you are not free
while you are in the process of 
exchanging yourself for money, for anything.

Ownership of ideas limits leaps in advancements,
hindering sharing and synergistic developments,
for profit, for money.

The greater the ownership and money,
the greater the power, influence and control.

Ownership feeds the addiction
to power, influence and control.

Ownership requires
leadership over others
in order to exercise power, influence and control
over others.

To gain and maintain control,
leadership over others is established.

Leadership over others create hierarchies.

Hierarchies perpetuate social disparity,
a situation forcing fighting amongst one another
for gain in power, influence and control.

What keeps us busy,
so we never awake to how not free we are,
is to compete for more.

And what keeps us satiated
is to have won more in money, things and stature,
to have been entertained
by others competing with each other.

And what keeps us needing more
is the constant feeling of unfulfilled
or having lost the competition,
to want the next win.

Excessive competition
is how we lose our empathic capacity
in the lethal game of ownership.

Competitiveness will not disappear,
but excessive competition would end.

Ownership drives competitiveness
into destructive excessiveness.

Competition is supposed to build
strong characters.
But too often, it builds frail, empty egos
requiring a thick skin, well calloused.

Competition necessitates apathy towards others,
the numbing, ignoring or the inability
to feel what others feel.

How else could we
compete against others, 
win at others expense, 
take advantage and exploit their weaknesses,
argue to oppose, devalue and discredit others,
fight to defeat others and pillage in war,
celebrate and taunt without hesitation,
ridicule, exacerbating the loser's shame,
and continue to want to win
so as not to ever feel the loss, pain and suffering
of what losers feel.

Competition is why we expect 
others to behave badly.

Competition is why we seem 
to always need an enemy.

Competition requires others to be opponents
causing the impulse for exclusion and separation
driving self-first, privilege and monopolization.

Competition is supposed to produce
the best of the best, drive innovation,
and push advancements forward
in the spirit of outdoing the competitors.

But more often than not,
competition only maximizes
winning by any means
at the expense of others, of something better,
at the expense of not just the competition,
but so many more others.

When ownership fabricates inequality,
we compete, fighting others for our share.

When excessive competition
haves us fight and abuse each other,
we rely on fear, threat, punishment and reward
to manipulate and take advantage.

Reward, as in bribery or blackmail,
in exchange for something
we prefer not to do, 
don't want to do,
or by force.

A Note

The Next Human Era Will Not Be A Utopia

The larger problems of
poverty, hunger, homelessness, 
human trafficking, as well as,
inequality and social disparity
would disappear.

But murders, jealousy, abuses and accidents
would still continue, perhaps less often,
as well as, sociopathic and psychopathic acts;
police would still have lots to do, but more focused.

Anger, frustration, stress, violence, depression
and continual attempts at manipulating others, 
power over others and control over others,
but hopefully with short-lived success,
would also continue.

It may not be pretty.
There would be transition pains.
Some will not be able to adapt.

The next human era will not be a utopia
because it will never be perfect.
It will constantly be changing
maybe much, much faster than it is now.

For greater joy and happiness, 
to peacefully struggle, 
go through challenges and thrive,
the old ways must end.

The old human ways magnify and feed
the false human drives,
what we mistakenly believe to be 'human nature.'

False Human Drives

Greed: an addiction to the feeling of power and 
   entitlement; underlying tone is hoarding.
Hoarding: fear of scarcity, of being denied;
   habitual, satiating feeling, for security-insecurity.
Monetary & material incentives: rewards, bribes.
Laziness: conditioned by exhaustion, attrition.
Self is separate from others: false notion of life.
Ego (self-importance over others) predominated by
a mental voice of repeated lectures and dictates of
"You are that!" "Why I have to do it (bad things)".

Genuine Human Drives

Individual Freedom. People want autonomy, 
liberty, free will, self-determination, freedom of 
self-expression, no constraints, free from fear.
Purpose. Meaning in life. Sense of fulfillment.
Abilities (mastery of skills and abilities). Instill 
self-confidence, self-esteem, self-dignity 
building greater trust in self and self-regulation.
Curiosity, challenge, boredom and needs.
Internal drives urging motion, pursuits, 
seeking joy, humor, understanding, inspiration.

Stop using money in order to change
what we falsely believe to be 'human nature.'
Change the situation 
and so will 'human nature' change.

The greatest individual freedom
in peaceful coexistence
thriving & advancing in vibrant, free communities
is possible with
self-empathy & empathy.

Individual freedom & liberty
must not be compromised
for the sake of community
("great free spirits everywhere", 
not "for the greater good," not "conformity";
any "for greater good," must come from within,
not from without).

The best conforming or regulation of individuals
for peace, comes from within oneself
through the primacy of self-empathy.
("self-regulation", not "regulation over others")

Self-empathy is the core
to great individual freedom.

Empathy is the core
that enables collaboration & cooperation
to build peaceful, vibrant, free communities.

To get there,
the obstacles from the old human ways
must fall away.

One pivotal act
will start the chain reaction.

Step 1. Stop Using Money, All Together Now

Awake and aware, change the situation
so that the thoughts
must then but follow
the change.

The very many build and operate society.
The very few prosper massively
and own much of society.

What ties it all together?
Money, but it goes deeper than that.

One day, the very many will stop using money
instantly, quickly, peacefully,
but will continue to operate society
so that it wouldn't collapse.

No money, no credit, no debt,
no currency, no trading and no bartering.
No means of exchange, including 
no labor as a means of exchange.

The occasional bartering may occur,
but if any means of exchange is established,
we would eventually end up repeating
the problems humanity has faced for so long:
exclusion, exclusivity, hoarding and greed
perpetuating poverty, hunger,
homelessness, and human trafficking.

We would eventually end up forcing
ourselves and others to "earn or starve."

If no means of exchange,
then how would we get what we need and want?

People need food, water, clothing and shelter,
including heat, toiletries, tools and devices.

More than at any time before,
humanity has the know-how and wisdom
to provide for everyone, freely;
knowledge and methods we need to spread, now.

What we don't need and want are forced upon us
through marketing and advertising
so that money can continually be made
over and over again, depleting our resources,
which is why our old ways necessitate
the need to counter the damages of avarice:
sustainability, fairness, equality and justice.

If the basics and essentials are freely provided,
instead of fighting for the basics,
and without being constantly convinced
to go after the things we don't really need,
then individuals can pursue
their actual purpose, their passion.

People want individual freedom, privacy and peace.

Having to fight, struggle and earn the basics
makes peace, safety and security fragile
making individual freedom & privacy
subject to compromise, to concessions;
for safety and security, for a sense of peace,
we have allowed less freedom, less privacy.

So, stop exchanging your lives away.
Stop putting monetary value to life.
Stop forcing yourselves and others
to "earn or starve."

This time, the very many operate society
not for the very few, but for everyone,
for every single individual.

The very many, made up of individuals;
individuals, make up the very many, alone or
as they go in and out of groupings, at their will.

Where individuals freely pursue living life
composing and interconnecting with community.
Where communities freely provide
for 'life, liberty and pursuits in happiness.'

By this one act, of 'stop using money'
and any means of exchange,
we stop giving it meaning,
we stop giving power to it.

With money losing its meaning and power,
the very few no longer have the means
to pay to enforce continuing the old ways.

Tremendous resources would be freed up.
Patents and know-how would be opened up.

More than at any time,
humanity has the know-how and wisdom
to provide for everyone, freely, now.

We Have The Power Now
We Always Did

Those few who know how to accumulate the most
have the greatest power, influence and control
with which they have the means and incentive
to manipulate any and all systems of exchange
for even more power, influence and control.

Stop giving your power away.
Stop letting the few
have the dominant influences over you.
Stop letting others convince you
through marketing and advertising
which feed and feed the feeling of unfulfilled.
Stop giving away control of your life.

We can all do this by stopping the mechanism
just by stopping the use of money.

And we can then be able to stop over-consuming, 
being wasteful, of the unnecessary & nonessential.

We can then shift away from the old human ways.

We don't need permission.
We don't need to demand change,
for by only demanding, we are demanding the few
to change it for us.

The very few will only change under pressure
and only if it affects their level of 
power, influence and control,
and always for their own benefit.

Stop participating in the old ways
automatically relinquishing your power to the few.
We just need to act and stop using money
from that one day, by a critical mass of us.

We just need to show others the new behaviors
of genuine human drives
from self-empathy and empathy,
not of 'means of exchange,' not 'do your share.'

There are always ways to allay the fears,
to allay the 'fight or flight' reactions to
change, to unknowns, to perceived threats.

And what is not frequent enough
democratic participation
can become a dynamic and organic part of living
by simply participating or connecting at your will
to care, build or artistically enrich communities.

Be part of activities, of endeavors, of projects.
Be on your own, if for peaceful nothingness,
and be with others, at your will.

We have the power to stop using money now.

So, without money or any means of exchange, 
without ownership,
without excessive competition,
and without leadership over others,
what would people do?

How would people behave?

People behave as to their situation
from social and financial pressures
or from forces beyond their control.

But such behaviors can change, react or adapt,
peaceably, as the dynamics of the situation
turns gradually bright as access to the basics opens

For people to live and pursue in happiness
they must be free.

Free not only to do, to decide and to pursue,
but also to be free from fabricated constraints,
of having to labor, to stress over money,
over food, over one's home, and free from 
waiting on and being dependent on leaders.

As well, to be free from the dangers
of apathy, loss of caring, of apathetic behaviors.
And to be free to do and not do anything
without the necessity of external control.

Self-empathy minimizes the need for 
external control of regulations and enforcement.

Self-empathy minimizes apathetic behaviors
of abuse, violence, to attack under the excuse of 
preemptive, presumed defensive, force.

Self-empathy makes extreme freedom possible,
with the least amount of control over others,
but in peace and synergy, not in chaos.

Self-empathy: awareness & understanding of self.

Step 2. Build Self-Empathy

New Thoughts of Individual Freedom

We are not free under the old ways.

The old ways make us
constrain ourselves and one another
forcing conformity, compliance and obedience,
through pressures and enforcement
using fear, threats, punishments,
penalties and rewards
to either "earn or starve."

The greatest individual freedom
in peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity
is possible with the greatest self-empathy.

Self-empathy gives rise
to greater self-regulation
minimizing the need
for external regulations.

Self-empathy is the awareness
and understanding of oneself.

This means, among other things,
that you become aware of
the feelings you are really chasing
when you want something
or when you seek an experience.
And that you can listen to your body's state & feel
by also knowing if you really expect your wants
and if they are the right things.

Knowing those feelings you may more deeply
know your passion and know your purpose in life.

With a clear purpose
you seek mastery of skills and abilities
seeking & attracting others with a mutual purpose.

With purpose and abilities come self-dignity
raising self-confidence and trust in self.

The greatest trust in self occurs
when doing the right thing
especially when no one is looking.

This is the greatest self-regulation.

With self-regulation,
purpose defines self-direction,
abilities add to self-determination,
and with individual autonomy
leadership over self flourishes.

This is the greatest individual freedom.

The depth and connectivity to self
allows healthier connectivity to others
to regulate self in relation to others
and to feel and be as free as possible
to do and not do, whenever and wherever
for one's own life.
And at one's own will, for the life of others,
to not interfere and to interact 
only when at others' willingness.

Unleashed Curiosity and Thirst
for Experience, Knowledge, Understanding
and Challenge
As Well, To Escape Boredom

With greater self-empathy,
from within then arises
a genuine human drive
to explore, discover, adventure,
create, perform, entertain,
invent, innovate, envision,
build, construct, repair,
truly raise kids, show how & learn,
to experience life, to live, to thrive,
and seek spiritual growth.

With ever-growing self-empathic individuals,
their need for interactions 
with others and community 
become intertwined with their existence 
and their ability to be free.

Free from toil, free from survival-mode,
free from competing over food and resources,
and free from constraints or abuses by others.

However free, an individual cannot prosper
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
without the companionship, connectivity,
participation and contributions of others.

An individual cannot live without others
(even in preparation to pursue life as a hermit).

Step 3. Interconnect With Your Community

The only way we each can freely flow,
to be, do and not do at our own will,
is in an empathic community
that's interacting with other communities.

Empathy allows community to put 
individual freedom above all else.

Empathy: the ability to feel what others feel.
Healthy empathy drives behavior to connect
in considerateness of others, of life.

Empathy is the basis for compassion, love, 
forgiveness, gratefulness, appreciation,
acceptance, benevolence, goodwill,
genuineness, authenticity, trust,
sincerity, respect and considerateness.

Empathy builds open, free, healthy,
thriving, dynamic and flexible communities;
empathy advances communities in sync with nature.

Self-empathy strengthens empathy
which allows individuals
to freely connect with community,
at their will.

From self-empathy, arises greater empathy.
From trust in self, comes greater trust in others.
With strong trust in others,
comes the openness to empathize with others.

Empathy shifts people away from competition,
towards interconnecting with others;
to cooperate, collaborate
and coordinate in consideration of others,
to let live, let be, to coexist and co-prosper.

Self-empathy, or the empathy of self,
is, as well, the awareness of ego,
to not be controlled by it,
especially in relation to others.

It marks, as well, an awakened inner-compass,
to more likely do the right thing,
when no one is looking.

With individuals freely pursuing their passion
and communities of individuals co-creating,
small to massive projects are carried out
with unobstructed creative imagination.

Technology, science, know-how can then
advance without hindrance monetary or power play,
and advance in sync with nature,
in considerateness of all life.

But technology is not the whole answer.
Social and community rebuilding
is only part of the answer.

It is individual self-empathy
and empathic behaviors of 
doing and being, with and without others,
that's the core part of the answer.

Though, never forget, empathy is strongest
with greater and greater self-empathy.

As we shift, even now, towards strengthening
our individual self-empathy,
a pivotal act needs to happen
for world peace to occur:

for the very many to stop
using money & any means of exchange.

This is the pivotal act
that will change the world
quickly and peacefully.

To keep the change peaceful,
seeds, food & water must flow everywhere, freely.
Grow food at home and in your community now.
Ferment foods and beverages, as well.
Condense water from the air, even in the desert.
Recycle food waste & all organic waste back to soil.

Centralized food production makes us vulnerable,
with money required, we're at the mercy of the few.

Stop using money
and any means of exchange
in order to begin disconnecting
from the ownership mindset
from excessive competition
from needing leadership by others over us.

But continue to operate society and
begin rethinking and rebuilding communities.


When money stops working,
when any means of exchange is unnecessary,
our thoughts can then shift to
great individual freedom
through self-empathy.

And as we then strive towards
rethinking and rebuilding
empathic communities
so we can all be and live free,

radical, "affecting the fundamental nature"
in a "thorough" and "far-reaching" way;
"departure from tradition;" "innovative."

Remember the acronym:
B.E. R.A.D.I.C.A.L.

B for Behavior that can change, adapt, elevate;
behavior that's self-empathic and self-regulating.
(Not predetermined by genetics, race,
gender or class.)

E for Empathic, which shifts us to be openly
cooperative, collaborative, and to 
coordinate in consideration of others;
empathic towards not just other people, but life.
(Not excessive competition, which encourages 
apathy and apathetic behaviors, as well as, 
feeds sociopathic and psychopathic behaviors.)

R for Resources, include all life and knowledge,
'All resources are the common heritage of all life.'
Everything not of personal possession,
return to the commons, to earth, for everyone.
This would be world peace since we would finally
stop fighting over the control of resources.
(Not ownership, from which war is never-ending)

A for Access, openly available to all, to knowledge,
to the essentials for living and pursuing life.
(Not 'means of exchange' which causes 
exclusion, exclusivity, monopoly, 
hoarding, greed and power over others.)

D for Distributed production 
of food, energy, water, clothing, tools, devices.
(Not centralized, from which power is abused.)

I for 'In sync with nature'.
(Not control over nature, from which we suffer 
the consequences.)

C for Connected communities, as the Internet is 
a connection of distributed knowledge.
(Not isolated, separated and divided.)

A for Autonomy, as in individual freedom,
individual liberty, self-determination, 
self-direction and leadership over self.
(Not leadership over others, not conformity to
hierarchies causing social disparity and immobility.)

L for 'Live and let live'.
(Not 'earn or starve')

When will that one day be?

What's the critical mass?
16%? 18% of the population?
for the very many
to then catch on and interconnect?

If that many decided to 'stop using money',
from that one day
the majority would then follow.

Perhaps not right away,
perhaps as they see what's the new behavior,
day by day, more and more will interconnect.

The few reluctant and resisters
will continue to manipulate 
and fight for ownership and money
for an established means of exchange,
for power, influence and control.
Let them be, for they too 
will fade into history by interconnecting, eventually.

When will that one day be,
when we stop using money
when we stop giving it meaning and power
when we no longer have to 'earn or starve'
when we can 'live and let live'?

When? ...

More than at any time before,
it is now.


When that one day is a notable day
or a chosen day.

in financial collapse,
or some societal calamity.

power grid goes down
on a very large wide scale
where the atm's no longer work.

Whether a chosen day or during an event,
it is the critical mass of people
that will ultimately cause a chain reaction
where money and any means of exchange
become useless, meaningless.

Allow ourselves,
give ourselves permission,
to stop using money.

We have the power now.

We don't need permission from others.

Just critical mass.

Ask yourself,

"What would I do, in a world
without money or any means of exchange,
every day for the rest of my life?"

And don't fall into the trap
of thinking about what other people will do
because they may think of you
in the same negative way,
that you will misbehave,
hoard and exclude others,
which is the old way of thinking.

If you knew you were going to die really soon,
ask yourself,
"What would I do?"
"How would I live my remaining days?"

"How would I want the people I know and love
to have to live their lives?"

With this, awake,
become aware, so too, as with others
let your consciousness breathe
to change the situation
now, quickly, peacefully.

We always had the power.
We never lost it.
We keep giving it away
and the few keep taking it.

As hard as you would compete
in a world of the old ways,
use that same tenacity, resolve, determination,
persistence, staunchness, steadfastness,
endurance, obstinacy, stubbornness
or whatever defines your ability to persevere,
to behave empathically
as if we were already there
in the next human era.

Instead of fighting for your freedom
by fighting to get your share of money & ownership,
fight for your actual direct freedom
by knowing, being and living, through self-empathy,
your individual genuine human drives.

In the old ways,
money or any means of exchange
represents your individual freedom.
The more money you have, the more you can do.
You transfer or give away your freedom
to money the more you rely on it.

When more money means more freedom & power,
you are therefore primarily not free
and only begin to gain and keep indirect freedom
depending on how good you are at getting money
and accumulating it (feeding hoarding and greed).
But then your life is about money; all of us, still.

Just stop this very unforgiving and deadly
requirement to "earn or starve."

This is from and belongs to the world,
to humanity and for all of life
especially planet earth which harbors us all.

Create your own version from this

in whatever form
in whole, in part or otherwise


the greatest individual freedom

in thriving interconnected
empathic communities.


See full version and other additions

or search for key words in this writing
for all of what's out there.


Make 6 paper copies and give to others.

Get a clean copy at EmpathicWorld.net


What To Do
From Now On

Before That One Day

Food life-cycle (soil to plate to soil):
from organic soil, grow food, collect seeds,
recycle food waste back to soil, grow food.
Ferment foods and beverages, as well.

Grow food on multiple layers.
Multiple layers: at home, apartment, terrace,
rooftop, yard, garden, community garden, lots,
greenhouses, vertical farms, stack farming,
local farms, regional farms.

Key searches: organic gardening, window farming,
permaculture, condensing water from air,
rainwater capturing & filtering, sub-irrigation,
hydroponics, aquaculture, aquaponics,
psychrophilic composting, mesophilic composting,
thermophilic composting, vermiculture, bokashi,
fermentation (foods and beverages).

Money doesn't grow on trees,
but edible fruits and nuts do, freely.